Investigation the Effect of Friendly Environment Material on Aluminum Corrosion Resistant


Awatif Mustafa Ali


Mechanical Engineering Department, Mustansiriayah University, Baghdad, Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: awataf@uomustansiriyah.edu.iq , Awatif_alimustafa@yahoo.com

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The purposes of this research is to study the effect of additions friendly material (plant extracted) to acid or base solution by immersing the samples in three concentration (10%, 20%and 30%) from (Tabaco, basil Solution) in the HCL solution (2%) concentration or(3.5) NaCL in litter of distal water then used electro cell to measure the corrosion rate of two type of sample (pure AL, and AL- alloy(2024).the result show that (basil extract addition at (10%)concentrate give the best efficiency while (20%) concentration accelerate the corrosion rate in acidic solution while the inhibitor give efficiency (90%) in base solution. Lastly the study is attempt to find new inhibitor that can be easily prepared and applied, as well as nontoxic, cheap and available