Free Vibration of Rectangular Plates with Flanged Obround Opening


Sami Ali Nama


Middle Technical University, Engineering Technical College Baghdad, Baghdad – Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: drsami1959@gmail.com

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Converting an obround opening into a flange in a rectangular plate was studied in this work. The effect of various flange parameters on the plate fundamental frequency were numerically investigated. Increasing the flange length and flange width increases the frequency for all edge supporting conditions, but the sensitivity to changing the length is higher than changing the width. For fully clamped plate the frequency can be increase 1.74 times the natural frequency of the bear plate. When considering flange location and orientation, the maximum frequency is achieved at the plate center at 45o for the fully clamped and simply supported plates, while it is achieved for the cantilever plate near the free edge and 90o with the clamped edge.