Modified Cement Concrete for highway application using Polymer-Sand


Waseem Wathiq Hammodat


Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research/Re-construction and Projects Directorate/Head of Projects Department-Iraq.

Corresponding Author Email: waseemwathiq@yahoo.com

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In order to solve the problem that the failure resistance of pavement machine-made sand cement concrete is significantly decreased due to the addition of machine-made sand. In this paper two types of polymers uses Polyurethane-modified bitumen (SNMC) and Polyester-modified bitumen (PLP) to modify cement concrete. Test specimens, and conduct compressive strength test, flexural strength test and failure test on concrete specimens. Tests have shown that the addition of polymers can improve the flexural performance and wear resistance of concrete, but it will reduce the compressive strength to a certain extent. Therefore, select suitable polymers according to engineering requirements, in actual projects.