Development and Modeling of a Soft Finger in Robotics Based on Force Distribution


Sadeq H. Bakhy†, Muhannad Al-Waily‡*


†Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

‡Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Kufa, Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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Numerous algorithms of grasping and manipulation have been introduced to manipulate an object via the applied soft-fingered uses. A soft fingertip-like human skin was first developed for the manipulations of soft-fingered, and then a simple model of this developed soft fingertip was presented depending upon the distribution of force at the surface of contact. The suggested model of developed soft fingertip was compared with a previous model. Finally, results of the force distribution verified that the new mathematical modeling is more efficient than with others papers, since the radius of curvature can be kept fixed at the proposed model, whereas the curvature radius can be changed at other fingertips, thus yielding the same contact conditions.