A dynamic Analytical Approach to Nonlinear Stall-Spin Aircraft


Ali Talib Abdalzahra*, Ahmed A. Taher


Mechanical Engineering Department-Faculty of Engineering-University of Kufa, Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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This paper deals with the behavior of state variables in the high-performance jet fighter at stall-spin phenomenon. A stall-spin phenomenon represented by set of equations of motion is solved in order to illustrate the nonlinear dynamic behavior for jet fighter. Statistical research has presents that an enough minus slope of lift could restrict the motion of cycle oscillations. The observed acts relay on operation produced by the decrease in lift coefficient rising which indicates the limit of period behavior. A computational model designed for a high-performance F-16 jet fighter solves and shows the outcomes. The impacts of important variables like ∆𝐶𝐿, mass and propulsion on periodic motion in the stall-spin zone are also taken into consideration in this study. Additionally, the outcomes showed in the situation of a 10 percent lessening in mass, a 20 percent rise in propulsion and ∆𝐶𝐿 = 0.2, the chaotic behavior occurs clearly. The study concludes that the mathematical outcomes of the system were lightly damped at high angles of attack with an improvement in the amplitude of the limit period of jet fighter state variables.