Ethar Mohamed Mahdi Mubarak†, Rawaa Hamid Mohammed Al-Kalali†, Emad Ali Husein‡ & Bahaa Sami Mahdi‡

†Middle Technical University –Institute of Technology –Baghdad

‡Technology University/Baghdad

*Corresponding Author Email: etharmubarek25@gmail.com

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One of the aims for the utilizing of random composite materials is to improve the product design. In this time with fast technological progress, it is often necessary to manufacture machine components and engineering structure, using fiberglass (E-glass) particles (from chopped E-glass fibers). The exceptional properties needed for most applications like large strength and low weight. Five different types of composites are fabricated using fiber reinforced by chopped E-glass with epoxy resin within ratios 10% wt/wt, 20% 40%, 60%, and 80%. Tensile test, Hardness test and SEM investigation are done to these specimens for observing the influence of contain ratios on the properties of mechanical fiber reinforced by chopped E-glass in the matrix if epoxy and to analyze the fracture surface respectively. From this study, many observations were concluded that the best manufacturing of a fiber reinforcement by chopped glass with various epoxy ratios are done by simple hand lay-up technique and it concluded that the maximum elongation occurs at 10wt% and the minimum elongation at 20wt%, the hardness for 10wt% composite is higher compared to other ratios. SEM examinations of fracture region were made to investigate the incorporation of chopped E-glass with epoxy at different ratio. Also its observed voids and dislocation due to the manufacturing process. The results shown that the incorporation of chopped E-glass with epoxy at different ratio has an important influence onto composites’ mechanical properties.