Heat pump performance enhancement by using a nanofluids (experimental study)


Zaid A. Shaalan, Ayad S. Abedalh, Mustafa W. Hamadalla


Northern Technical University, Technical Engineering College-Mosul, Iraq

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Nowadays, heat pumps are widely used for air conditioning, cooling, and heating. It is well known that nano-particles can enhance conduction and convection coefficients, raising the transfer of heat and thus. Heat pump was filled with R600a during the experimental work, then copper oxide CuO and Aluminum oxide AL2O3 were used in different amounts and combined with pure water to obtain a nanoscale solution that we use for heat pump condenser cooling. Three proportions were used from CuO and AL2O3 (0.1%, 0.3%,0.5%) in the current study. The study results revealed that the efficiency coefficient increased by 22 %, but the energy consumption decreased by 31 % when using 0.5 % CUO instead of the traditional pure water used to cool the heat pump condenser. Finally, we infer from the results that as a result of the use of copper oxide with a ratio of 0.5 %, the cooling effect will be increased and the compressor work will be decreased.