Low-Cost Remote Control Barge Boat to Feeder Fish


Kasda, Deny Poniman Kosasih, Hari Din Nugraha*, Maulana Rachman


Department of Mechanical Engineering, Universitas Subang, Subang, Indonesia, 41211.

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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The purpose of this study was to design a low-cost and portable remote control fish feeder barge boat to support increased production in the fishing industry. Research procedures include literature review – research aims – design – material selection – fabrication – material selection. This research resulted in the design of an automatic fish feeder system using a remote control with low-cost efficiency and portable. Barge boat functioned as fish food sender to a large fish pond with remote control as a controller. This remote-control system makes it easier for farmers to feed fish automatically and evenly in the middle and corners of fish ponds. Barge boat test results obtained a cargo capacity of 1 KG with automatic openings glided by the force of gravity. The time gained in one barge boat trip is 137 seconds with a pool length of 220 m at a speed of 0.5m/s. The results of the economic analysis show that barge boats are not expensive and portable, compared to other commercially available devices. The design of the barge boat remote control material uses plywood material coated with waterproof paint so that it can reduce the cost of manufacture and suitable for use by farmers. Feeding with this system allows successful cultivation schemes to be implemented because it can take into account the proper feeding, thereby avoiding economic losses such as food waste that can lower water quality, thereby polluting water quality.