Study of Natural Convection Inside Corrugated Enclosure Containing Heated Thin Rectangle Plate


Qusai Adnan Mahdi†, Mohammed Kadhim Hamza†, Ayad Jawad Kadhim‡, Roaya M. Jailawi‡


†Mechanical Engineering / College of materials Engineering -Department of Polymer and Petrochemicals Industrials Engineering

‡Babylon University – Babylon City – Hilla – Iraq.

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A numerical investigation of heat transfer has been done in a corrugated cavity with heated thin plate which located at different vertical locations and different angles. The enclosure with five corrugated numbers ,and its wall temperature (Tc), and the insert body surface maintained at a constant temperature (Th). A two-dimensional solution for steady laminar flow is obtained by solving governing equations by (ANSYS 16.0). The present natural convection study is carried out based on the values: Rayleigh number ( ), sinusoidal cylinder base radius ratio to plate length ( , and the inclination angles varied ( ). The results indicate that at high (Ra) number and the ratio =0.5, have significant effects fluid flow strength (i.e increases by 0.536%), Also the internal body must move downward when the heated plate at angle with vertical direction to maximum increase in fluid flow strength.