Automation of Real-time Target Scoring System Based on Image Processing Technique


Abbas H. Issa*, Sundus D. Hasan and Wisam H. Ali


Electrical Engineering Department, University of Technology /Baghdad-Iraq

Corresponding Author Email:[email protected]

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This paper describes how to design and develop a low cost, high accuracy, high speed target scoring system based on image processing. The proposed target scoring framework needs no extra hardware and relies just upon existing direct image preparing like edge detection, image enhancement, and object recognition. The work has been done in two phases, the first phase has been done using standard image located in database for testing the proposed target scoring system, and the second phase has been done using a real-time video recorded by using high resolution digital camera, therefore the proposed system algorithms has been modified in the second phase to be able to process the real-time video and giving accurate results. Exploratory outcomes show that the technique can get great scoring. The results that obtained automatically in compared with other ways such as the manual way it is proved that automatically is more accurate and faster in detection and scoring.