Design ejector and its performance for air conditioning application


Hassan S. Jawad and Qusay J. Abdul Ghafoor


Mechanical Engineering Department- University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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In this research, an ejector was designed and manufactured from brass metal as part of a cooling system operating with steam the type of the primary nozzle is converge diverge, at operating conditions:

1- The pressure and temperature of the boiler 6.85 bar, 365 K respectively.
2- The pressure and temperature of the condenser 1.9 bar, 430c. respectively.
3- The pressure and temperature in the evaporator 0.53 bar, 70c.

The ejector was manufactured from a number of interconnected parts to give the final shape. The performance of the ejector was analyzed theoretically using the equations of continuity, momentum and energy, and through operating conditions change and the examination, it was reached:-.

a- The mixing ratio increases with the increase of the primary pressure.
b – The mixing ratio decreases with increasing suction pressure.
c- The mixing ratio increases to a certain value and then decreases with increasing discharge pressure.