Design of a Portable, Efficient and User-Friendly Motor-Powered Hacksaw


Nader Ghareeb, Khalaf Alsaeed, Abdullateef Aldeei, Bandar Almutairi, Nour Ghaleb


Australian College of Kuwait, Mechanical Engineering Department, West Mishref, Kuwait

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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The use of manual hacksaws in cutting operation often result in cuts with uneven surfaces. It’s indeed a time- consuming procedure. These drawbacks have led to the design of a portable, efficient and user-friendly motor- powered hacksaw as it will be illustrated in this work. The proposed design features a series of operational components including an electric motor, a chain sprocket to transfer power to the hacksaw from the electric motor, a bearing, mounts to provide stability and steady circular motion, and, finally, a firm base frame to provide even distribution of power through the system. A hub is connected to the sprocket using a connecting rod to specifically ease movement and produce a lateral motion. Then, a saw is connected to a support frame which helps balance the saw to produce an apt cutting position. Some weight is attached to the upper saw frame to have some vertical load on the hacksaw for a cut-through movement system. Most of the components used are scrap of an old bicycle. A 3-D CAD drawing of the design is presented, and the governing equations are derived and modelled by using the numerical analysis software MATLAB®.