Real-Time Control of Robotic Hand by Human Hand at Low Cost

Enas A. Khalid†, Wisam T. Abbood†, Oday I. Abdullah‡

†University of Baghdad, AL-Khwarizmi College of Engineering, Automated Manufacturing Engineering Department, Iraq

‡University of Baghdad, College of Engineering, Energy Engineering Department, Iraq

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In this paper, the design and implementation of control system for robotic hand at low cost is achieved. The proposed control is based on the Flexible sensor and the Arduino controller. It is used glove to transferring the gestures to simulate the motion of the five fingers of human hand by using five fingers of the robotic hand. The task of the robotic hand is to catch any object under the real-time control. MEMS gyroscope is used to control the rotation of the elbow of robotic hand toward right or left. The robotic hand is a tendon finger manipulation type. It can be considered the developed robotic system in this paper is very important especially in the industrial sector where there are some places are not reachable by human hands, therefore it can be used this robotic hand easily.