Investigate the performance of solar gas heat pump heating system


Mugdad Hamid Rajab, Maysoon Anwar Abdullah, Marwah Noori Mohammed, Thamir Khalil Ibrahim‡†*


Petroleum Processing Eng., College of Petroleum and Minerals Engineering, Tikrit, Iraq

Chemical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, Tikrit Uiversity, Tikrit, Iraq

‡† Department of Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering AlShirqat, Tikrit University, Tikrit, Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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This paper investigates the waste heat recovery (WHR) in the solar gas heat pump (SGHP) heating system, and analyze the matching of the engine, the cylinder jacket cooling and the exhaust heat recovery device. The components of the SGHP heating system are selected and designed, and the models of the main components such as the gas engine, the cylinder liner cooler and the exhaust heat recovery device are explained in detail. The experimental result, at the engine speed increases by 100r/min, the corresponding cooling water flow increases 0.285~1.21g/s, the heating circulating water temperature will increase by 2~5℃, and the temperature will be 47~50℃. In addition, the maximum energy utilization can be obtained; guaranteed rated, the resistance of the exhaust gas heat exchanger needs to be controlled to be less than 190.27kPa; the area of the WHR device needs to be increased by 0.173m2 for 10% increase of the engine speed by 100r/min. Finally, it can conclude that reasonable WHR of the gas engine can recover considerable Heat can ensure the high efficiency of the engine, and also improve the energy efficiency.