Mechanical properties of recycled natural composite material with polyester


Zahra Khalid Hamdan, Zaineb w.metteb and Fadhel Abbas Abdulla


Mech.Eng. department, Collage of Engineering, Mustansiriyah University, Baghdad- Iraq.

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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One of the most critical environmental problems currently available is waste and the method of disposal,therefore, it has become necessary to find appropriate ways to get rid of them. The purpose of this research is using waste natural composite materials as base materiales to manufacturing new composite materiales and study a mechanical properites of it. The waste natural composite (saws dust, walnut peels with polyester ) are ground into small particles (9.5 mm, 4.75 mm and 2.36mm ). After that,the particles was mixed with polyester (10, 15, and 20% mass fraction). Compression static test used to investigate the mechanical properties. From experiment result that the elastic modulus of polyester was increases (improve) when adding 10% particales from the waste natural composite , the elastic modulus increase by 30% ,35.5% and 40% when adding 10% particles from Peels walnuts with 2.36mm,4.75mm and 9.5mm respectively and increases by 40% ,30% and 3% when adding 10% particles with 2.36mm,4.75mm ,9.5mm respectively from saws dust