Simulation of Convert Shale Oil to Oil by Renewable Energies by COMSOL


Ayad Dari Jaafar†, Bashar Jawad Kadhim†, Auday Awad Abtan‡


†Chemical Engineering Department -University of Technology, Baghdad.

‡Training and workshop center- University of Technology, Baghdad.

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The use of renewable energies to convert rock oil into oil will reduce the waste that causes a problem when mining for shale oil by conventional methods. The research is based on the sun’s rays as a system for convert the shale oil to oil in the reservoir inside the earth, the system consists of two parts, the first part is the source of energy through the sun’s rays on the lens Fresnel and the second part is the rod of high superconducting from carbon nanotube composite (in concrete tube) .The Fresnel lens, which collects solar energy concentrates energy in one place on the upper part of the rod. The lens which generates a high temperature of about 1500 °C, is located on the top of the high-conductivity nanostructure (2980 to 3000) (W/ m. 0K) 1000 meters long and 0.1 meters in diameter. Where the system to heat the reservoir to an appropriate temperature to convert shale oil to about 400 degrees Celsius. A COMSOL program was designed to calculate the time required to reach the required temperature at the bottom of the rod and heat transfer specifications, where it was found that the time needed by the rod for the transfer of heat from 1500 to 400 0C is 55 days. The time is beginning of the converting the shale oil to oil.