Artificial Vision System for the Identification and Registration of Gaps Road from A Motorcycle

Andrés Betancourt, César Peña, & Gonzalo Moreno*

Mechanical and Mechatronic Department – University of Pamplona – Colombia

*Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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This article presents the development of an artificial vision system for the identification and registration of gaps road. A system composed of economic elements and easy acquisition such as a mobile phone, a linear projection laser, among others that are mounted on a motorcycle, is proposed. The system allows detecting gaps based on the deformations of the line projected by the laser, using an algorithm of artificial vision. The registration of the gaps includes the use of global geolocation instruments, which allows the reconstruction of the road’s maps indicating the gap’s location. Experimental tests are presented for equipment calibration as well as for final system verification. The system results show great potential despite its low cost.