The Influence of Surrounding Temperatures on Dynamic Characteristics of Circular cylindrical Shell

Mahir H. Majeeda, Dheyaa Eesa Kadhima, Oday I. Abdullahb,c,*

aAl Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Iraq

b Department of Energy Eng., College of Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq

c System Technologies and Engineering Design Methodology, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany

*Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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It can be considered that the knowledge of the vibration characteristics of any structure/ machine is essential element to the design engineers to obtain a successful design by avoiding the failures or reducing the performance in some mechanical systems. Circular cylindrical shells one type of these structures, where they are used widely in various sectors of engineering applications such as rocketry, motors, missiles (electrical type), etc. It was found in the industrial sector that the vibration (high noise) appeared in different applications, where these vibrations have a negative influence on the performance and behavior of the mechanical systems. Mostly, the status of these mechanical systems will be changed from stable to unstable when they work under such conditions for sufficient period. Finally, the mechanical system will be failed before the designed time. In this research paper, it will be investigated deeply the vibration characteristics of cylindrical shells that made from Stainless Steel. Finite element technique was applied to find out the effect of the temperature on the vibration characteristics of cylindrical shells. Also, the results showed what is the influence of change the thickness of the cylindrical shells on the characteristics of vibration.