Thermal Behavior of Up to Down Vertical Flame Using Iraqi (LPG) As Fuel

Ahmed M. Mahmood, Thaer F. A. AL Sultan

Engineering Technical College, Northern Technical University, Mosul, Iraq.

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As the Iraqi natural gas is one of the main combustion fuels used throughout Iraq for the Electrical power generation by the thermal system, and in order to improve the combustion process and thermal behavior of the flame inside of boilers, a mathematical simulation for a cylindrical combustion chamber with an internal diameter of (510 mm) were performed. Thermal distribution was performed for 5 flame models where the Iraqi liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) fuel is injected through the nozzle with variable diameters (5-26 mm). The current study shows the effect of the thermal distribution inside the combustion chamber on the exhaust gases temperature when the fuel ejected up to down inside the vertical combustion chamber. The flame length affected by the variations in the nozzle diameter where the flame length is directly related with the nozzle diameter.