Experimental Heat transfer enhancement in Oval dimpled Tube

Ammar F. Abdulwahid†*, Hyder H. Balla‡, Reyadh Ch. Al-Zuhairy††

†Department of Mechanical Engineering, Uinversity of Kufa, Kufa, Najaf, Iraq

‡Technical Najaf Institute, Al-Furat Al-Awast Technical Uniersity, Iraq.

††Ministry of higher education and scientific research, Baghdad, Iraq

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Heat transfer magnification attracted more attention recently to support industry by solving a chronic issue represented by saving energy, cost and time. The current study adopted oval cross-section tube having oval dimpled surface. Water was used as working fluid and non-Newtonian fluid was assumed with constant heat flux condition. Such arrangement exhibits good results and holds promises in the field of heat transfer enhancement. Where it was found that the maximum Nusselt number of 39.8 at w/l of 0.133 and minimum Nusselt number was found to be 12.8 at w/l ratio of 0.15. Moreover, the overall maximum enhancement was found to be 19.048 at x/y=1.2 and the minimum enhancement was 9.731 at x/y=1.