Conjugate momentum effects on the droplets heat transfer modeling calculated from the integral form of the Gamma distribution


Ahmed Abed Al-Kadhem Majhool†*, Noor M. Jasim‡


† Department of Mechanical Engineering, Al-Qadisiyah University, Iraq.
‡ Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kufa University, Iraq.

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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In this work, it proposed an appropriate form of the droplets velocity formula in the integral form of the spray moment conservation equations, and coupling the effects of relative velocity term on the droplet heat transfer model in pressure-swirl atomized sprays. The spray tip penetration calculated in this approach agrees well with experimental data. The revised treatment of therm-physical properties of the liquid and gas phases also leads to quite stable calculations for a wide range of ambient temperatures and density ratios. The spray moments theory makes it possible to describe polydisperse sprays using an Eulerian approach and therefore appears to be a method indicated for two-phase evaporation applications. Its relevance for simulation at the scale of industrial applications is assessed in this work, by its implementation in two-dimensional configuration more representative of this type of pressure-swirl simulations. This evaluation couples a feasibility study in terms of calculation cost with an analysis of the precision obtained, by comparisons with the experimental data of reference methods for the description of sprays.