Energy absorption capability of axial crushing of Hexagonal tube


Minah Mohammed Fareed, Omar Abdulhasan Lafta


Al-Musaib Technical College, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Babel, Iraq.

Corresponding Author Email: omarabdulhasanlafta@atu.edu.iq

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Tubular structures can dissipate kinetic energy of collision through plastic deformation. In this paper hexagonal aluminum (6060-T6) with variable tubes are proposed as energy absorption devices. The hexagonal tubes with and without trigger were compressed under axial quasi-static loading. The load-displacement indicators (peak load and energy absorption) of tested devices were investigated by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) through ABAQUS-DYNAMIC EXPLICIT. Different positions and numbers of triggers in columns used to compare between multiple columns. It was found that the hexagonal AL6060-T6 tube devices that have trigger particularly in the middle-offered significance enhancement to reduce peak load value. The results showed that the amount of absorbed energy from regular deformation tubes is proportional with increment of columns. Increasing of the tested geometrical, employing of trigger enhances the reduction of peak load and holds to design a superior energy absorption with controlled deformation modes.