Multi-object model for the hybrid wind-solar power generation with energy storage and inverter access capacity configuration


Abdullateef A. Jadallah


University of Technology – Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: abdullateef.a.jadallah@uotechnology.edu.iq

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Hybridization of multi-RE energy systems present a reliable alternative resource of energy. Optimization model of a multi-objective configuration of hybrid wind-solar energy system is presented in this paper. The minimum annual investment cost is aimed and the optimal configuration scheme and energy storage output range is determined. The impact of configuration strategies considering the stand-alone and grid-connected hybrid energy systems separately, taking actual wind and solar data is established. The energy storage scheduling cost is around 0.518 $/kWh and the cost of the abandonment unit is fixed at 0.97 $/kWh. The simulation results prove the effectiveness and correctness of the proposed optimization configuration strategy, and quantitatively analyzes the optimization of the multi-energy system operation mode.