Aspen Plus Simulation for Performance Improving of Al-Khayrat Power Plant Using Heat Recovery Steam Generation (HRSG) System


Mohammed Alhwayzee, Hayder Jawad Kadhim, Farhan lafta Rashid


Petroleum Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Kerbala, Iraq

Mechanical Engineering Department, College of Engineering, University of Kerbala, Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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This research paper investigates the studying of how the performance and efficiency of the Al-Khairat power plant, which is located in Kerbala city in Iraq, can be enhanced. This plant is currently operated with a simple gas turbine cycle. A Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) principle, which depends mainly on the waste heat energy of exhaust gases produced from a simple gas turbine unit is one method that can be utilized for enhancing. The present plant was simulated using an Aspen HYSYS version 2016 software. Simulation results were compared to the actual operating data, net power output, and cycle thermal efficiency at the same conditions for validation purposes. These results show a high agreement between theoretical and practical data. This agreement permits, gives a good realization, to use this software to simulate an overall combined cycle. In addition, operating parameters that affect the power plant performance were investigated. The results show that at the same operating conditions, the combined cycle improved thermal efficiency and net power output by 50.9% and 54.46%, respectively. Also, the results revealed that the compressor pressure ratio and inlet air temperature have significant effects on the thermal efficiency and net produced power for both simple and combined power plant