Asaad Khudhair Hamzah, Talib Abdulameer Jasim, Bahaa Sami Mahdi, & Hussain J.M. Al-Alkawi


University of Technology, Baghdad, 00964, Iraq

University of Babylon/Iraq, Babylon,00964, Iraq

*Corresponding Author Email: asaadh45@gmail.com

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An attempt was made to fabricate Nanocomposite aluminum alloy 7025 (aa7025)-Nano titanium oxide (NanoTiO2) by means of stir casting method. The level of reinforced material (NanoTiO2) was 0, 2, 4 and 6 wt%. the particle size of NanTiO2 was (10-20nm). Tribological properties of AA7025/TiO2 composites were examined. Volumetric wear losses (VWR) and wear rate (WR) were obtained experimentally before and after addition of NanoTiO2. The characterization of properties was done by using (MicoTest universal Pin on Disc) to test tribological behavior of the base metal and the aa7025-NanoTiO2 composites alloys. The results showed that the addition of Nano-TiO2 significantly improved the wear properties for all weight percentage of NanoTiO2 . The best wear resistance was occurred at composite alloy contains 4 wt% TiO2. The volume weart loss (VWL) was (530.74 m3) and the percentage of (VWL) was 29.4% of the (VWL)of pure aa7025. In addition, the wear rate (WR) at composite alloy contains 4 wt% TiO2 was 4.788 m3/N.m and the percentage of the wear rate was 29.37% of the (WR) of the pure aa7025 alloy. These results were at applied load 40 N. It also revealed that the (VWL) and (WR) increase when the applied load increased. The characterization of microstructure of wore samples was done using Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). At aa7025-4wt. % NanoTiO2 composite alloys, the wear surface is smoother than in the base aa7025 without nano-particles.