Sabah Mahdi Salah, Ahmed Qays Abdullah


College of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department, Tikrit University, Iraq

College of Engineering AlShirqat, Mechanical Engineering Department, Tikrit University, Iraq

*Corresponding Author Email: Sabahmsalih69@gmail.com

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Spinning slurry was prepared by surface modification of carbon nanotubes with polyacrylonitrile solution. Polyacrylonitrile / multiwall carbon nanotube (PAN/MWNT) Nanotube fibers were prepared by wet spinning technology. The effects of carbon nanotubes on the dynamic rheological properties of Nanotube solutions were studied, and the physical and mechanical properties and crystallization characteristics of Nanotube fibers were discussed. The PAN primary fibers observation and analysis of the morphology of fiber samples using TEM, X-ray diffraction (XRD), TEM and other testing and analysis techniques to characterize the structure of the fiber. The results show that the addition of MWNTs reduces the viscosity of the spinning dope, significantly improves the mechanical properties of the Nanotube fibers, reduces the elongation, and has a certain effect on the crystallinity of the fibers.