Omar Alaa Ihsan, Shaker S. Hassan, Ahmed Adnan Shandookh

Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

*Corresponding Author Email: Abomrem2004@gmail.com

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The performance of using two different types of bearing, in the evaporative cooler (EC) which driven by 1500 R.P.M. motor was investigated by studying parameters, like response of vibration, change of temperature, noise and consumption of electricity, these bearings were bushings and ball bearings. An Arduino mega 2560 used as a data acquisition where interfaced with LabVIEW program. Three of triple axis accelerometer (ADXL335 type) used to collect the vibration signals from the evaporative cooler by using the two different types of bearing at X, Y and Z directions. The Fast Fourier Transform Technique (FFT) of the vibration analyses was used on the vibration signals to transform results of vibration from time to frequency domain. The root mean square of the three accelerometers output (Grms) at all directions in the evaporative cooler was calculated, to compare between the vibration results of the different cases. To investigate the rise of the temperature in the bearings, two sensors of temperature (LM35 type) were used. A sensor of humidity (DHT22 type) was used to measure the humidity at the time of the tests. A sound level meter has been used to measure the noise, a clamp meter was used to measure the consumption of electricity, for analyzing of the vibration signals, a digital tachometer was used for measuring the rotational speed of the evaporative cooler parts. All the above parameters were measured and compared between them to find at any bearing type was the better operation and performance of the EC. The experimental results were clarified, they were explained by figures, and also by tables. It was found the vibration of the EC in all directions increased with using ball bearing than bushing. The ball bearing temperature increased more than bushing. The noise of EC with ball bearing increased more than bushings, electricity consumption of EC with ball bearing increased more than bushing. Which means the EC has preferable performance with bushing than ball bearing.