Design of Hybrid Controller for the Trajectory Tracking of Wheeled Mobile Robot with Mecanum Wheels

Sameh F. Hasan*, Hassan M. Alwan

Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Technology, Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: 21145@student.uotechnology.edu.iq

This is an open access article distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

A Mecanum wheels mobile robot (MWMR) is consider being the most famous holonomic type of the wheeled mobile robot (WMR). This robot is getting importance due to its applications in industries, healthcare as well as in other sectors of service. The objective of this work is to design a novel hybrid controller for the trajectory tracking of four mecanum wheeled mobile robot i.e.,(FMWMR). First, the kinematic and dynamic models have been derived with tacking into account the effect of friction in the dynamic model. The new hybrid control consists from Backstepping-Type2 fuzzy logic control- social spider optimization (BSC-T2FLC-SSO). The backstepping controller (BSC) is used for computing the torque that exerted from each motor while type-2 fuzzy logic control (T2FLC) and social spider optimization (SSO) are used for computing the gains parameters of BSC. MATLAB programing has been used for simulate the equations and for presenting the results of the torques and the results of positioning error in (x,y) direction as well as orientation error. Circular trajectory tracking has been selected to test the performance of the new hybrid controller. A comparative study between the results that obtained from the new hybrid controller and the results from backstepping controller has been done. It was found that the magnitudes of the errors in position and orientation of the robot from the new hybrid controller was less than the magnitudes of the error in position and orientation that obtained from backstepping controller and this comparative results showed the effective and robust of BSC-T2FLC-SSO.