Mechanical And Corrosion Behavior Of Aa7100 / Fe2o3 Composites Synthesized By Stir Casting Technique


Batool K.H., Hussain J.M. AL-AIkawi


Department of Electromechanics Eng. University of Technology

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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The effect of nano Fe2O3 on microstructure, mechanical and 3.5% Nacl corrosion-fatigue interaction of AA7100 base metal was studied. The nano composites (1.5%,3%and4.5wt.%/Fe2O3) were produced by stir casting route. An optical microscopy was used to study the microstructure of the matrix and nanocomposites. It was found that the best addition of Fe2O3 was the 4.5wt.% which caused dendrite refinement and uniform distribution which could be attributed to develop the mechanical and corrosion –fatigue criteria. The mechanical features (UTS and YS) of 4.5wt.% composite was improved by 25.15% and 38.28% respectively. While the ductility was observed to decrease by10.58%. The improvement in hardness was recorded to be10.28% for 4.5wt.%/Fe2O3 composite. The addition of 4.5wt.%/Fe2O3 significantly improved the corrosion-fatigue interaction compared to the matrix.