Design and Implementation of an Electric Piston in the General Company for Rubber Industries


Farah Kamil


Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University (ATU), Technical Institute of AL-Diwaniyah, Iraq.

Corresponding Author Email: dw.frh@atu.edu.iq

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The General Company for Rubber Industries produces tires, tubes of auto, rubber gaskets, rubber coupling, and enveloping some metal products such as steel rolls and rotation wheels. All rubber products above-mentioned are called secondary products. Due to the consumption of raw materials to produce the tire, the company stopped producing steam, which reflected negatively on the second- ary product, which led to the idea to find alternative solutions to heat the piston during the company stopping. As a result, this paper focuses on the design and manufacture of an electric piston to solve this problem. The idea of electric heating is heating the pisto n with electric heaters that connected to a control circuit to regulate and control the temperature. Heat conduction in this design may be ex- pected as being one-dimensional since via this design, heat conduction will be calculated in one direction and igno red the others. The findings demonstrate the efficiency of the manufactured piston in terms of profits and increase productivity. Comments on the ad- vantages and disadvantages of both pistons are also given in this paper.