In-Line Fiber Tunable Pulse Compressor using PM-Mach Zehnder Interferometer


Baraa H. Mutar, Nada F. Noori, Yousif I. Hammadi, Tahreer S. Mansour


Photonics laboratory, department of photonics, Institute of Laser for Postgraduate Studies, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq.

Bilad Alrafidain University College, Diyala, Iraq.

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Narrow laser pulse is an essential part of rapid optical communication system utilizing high channel capacity. In this study, a dynamic simulation model was developed using a multi-physics Comsol version (5.5), to evaluate the performance of a tunable narrow pulsed laser source by using polarization-maintaining fiber to build an Inline Mach-Zehnder fiber interferometer (PM-MZI), whereas three variable-lengths of single-mode polarization maintaining fiber (8,16,24) (cm) spliced between two segments of (SMF-28) with (26,13 cm) length respectively after propagation of 10 (ns), 1546.7(nm) and 1.22(mW) pulsed laser. A tunable interferometer was implemented by applying mechanical forces on the cross-sectional area of the PM fiber and the two splicing regions to change the interference cavity length. The value of compression factor was obtained 1.103 of 1610 (nm) central wavelength under the effect of 20 (g) applied on 16 (cm) PMF cross-sectional area.