Effect of plating time on the thickness and the adhesion of Ni-Al2O3 composite coating on the insulating material


Ly Viet Anh, Duong Trong Dai, Nguyen Thi Thu Dung, and Nguyen Hong Quang*


Faculty of Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics Technology, Thai Nguyen University of Technology, Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam.

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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This present research article deals with the study of adhesion of Ni-Al2O3 composite coating on the insulating material. The Ni-Al2O3 composite coating is deposite on the PMMA (Plexiglass). Adhesion behavior of layer coating after different plating periods is evaluated with the ASTM standard’s help. The microstructure characterization and the coating thickness are also an important influence on adhesion properties tested through SEM, EDX analysis. The Ni-Al2O3 coating exhibits good adhesion on insulation with adequate time.