Analysis the effecieny of a triple tubes heat exchanger based On Titanium dioxide Nano fluid and water method


Mugdad Hamid Rajab, Mohammad Omar Salih, Maysson Anwar Abdullah


Oil process Engineering college, Tikrit university, Iraq.

Corresponding Author Email: mugdadhamid@tu.edu.iq,
ahmed_aljumaily@tu.edu.iq, mayanwar@tu.edu.iq

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The aim of this paper is to investigate and analysis the efficiency of the heat transfer process by using a triple pipe heat exchanger based on the water and titanium dioxide (TiO2) as a cooling fluid. The air passes through the central pipe. Heat transfer analysis is performed for the parallel flow and the counter flow of normal fluid in comparison with the hot water passing through the spiral tube. Air flow within the central pipe is maintained at (4.5 m/s). The investigation include the changes in the efficiency and overall heat transfer ratio (Uo) for flow rate ranged from 20.0 (lpm) to 60.0 (lpm). In case of the warm water flow changes and the normal water changes, the Uo will ranges from 50.0-100.0 (W/m2k), while in case of using the (TIO2) is Nano fluid , the (Uo) will be in the range of 150.0-200.0 (W/m2k).The obtained results indicate that the efficiency will decrease with the increasing of flow rate , while the Uo was increased.