Review of Heat transfer enhancement using hybrid Nano fluid or twisted tape insert


Noor Fouad.A. Hamza*, Sattar Aljabair


Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

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For all the aspects of our life, the heat energy is very important. There are many industries including air conditioning, the processing of chemical plants, thermal power plants, refrigeration equipment, etc. which faced with many problems like utilize effecting, conservation and heat recovery. Heat exchangers include large investments for many capital and operation costs. Therefore, becomes very important to design heat exchangers that make it more efficient, energy saving, less cost and even materials. There are many different techniques known as heat transfer enhancement are applied, we elaborate two of these techniques, the hybrid Nano fluid and twisted tape insets. In this work, we abridged the agents affecting the acting operation of hybrid Nano fluid in enhancing the thermal performance of heat transfer systems, significantly a review on work done in the area of heat transfer growth using twisted tapes has been carried out.