An Investigation into the Distribution of Internal Residual Stresses of Aluminum Plate Subjected to Thermal Load by Using Hole Drilling Technique


Abdullah Jabar Hussain, Zainab. S. Al-khafaji,  Waleed Ali Hamza


Computer Techniques Engineering Department, Al-Mustaqbal University College, Hillah, 51001, Iraq.
Al-Furrat Al-Awsat Distribution Foundation, Ministry of Oil, Babylon, Iraq.
Department of Building and Construction Technical Engineering, College of Technical Engineering, The Islamic
University, 54001, Najaf, Iraq.

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In the present work a hole drilling procedure is used is to evaluate the uniform and non-uniform residual stresses resulted from aluminum plate subjected to heating source which in turn produce residual stresses of the isotropic aluminum plate either uniform or non-uniform stresses, however the aluminum plate is taken as case study. Then the data of strain is taken through hole drilling and investigated with procedure to examine it whether the distribution of strains are uniform or non-uniform, the final results was compared with standard curves. The final results of stresses are determined. The obtained result of residual stresses distribution is non-uniform. accordingly, method of the stresses distribution of any plate can be verified, also the number of residual stresses can be determined.