Tribological Study on The Influence of Surface Coating on Knurled Components


Mohandas K N*, Sunith Babu L, Vinayak Talugeri


Faculty, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ramaiah Institute of Technology, Bangalore – 560 054, India.

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]


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Knurling provides a better gripping surfaces and improves the appearance of engineering components. The loss of material in various engineering knurled components is significantly high due to wear. This material loss leads to reduction in life of the knurled impressions. Wear studies were focused on surface damage in terms of material removal mechanism within the most industries and financial loss occurs due to wear of various knurled components. The major issue of the knurled impressions is more wear rate due to lower strength. In this work service life of engineering knurled components is enhanced by surface coating technique to improve their wear resistance. In this study Molybdenum Disulphide coatings were used to enhance the properties of knurled component. The characterization of surface coating of knurled component can be done by conducting a wear analysis using pin on disc wear testing machine. The results of knurled components were compared with the results of surface coated knurled component. The result of this study shows that load is having significant effect on wear rate when compared to speed and time. Wear resistance is more in surface coated knurled components when compared to without coated knurled components.