Reduced Order of the Unstable System Using Balanced Truncation Algorithm Based on Continuous-Discrete Mapping and its Application to Control

Vu Ngoc Kien, Nguyen Hong Quang


Thai Nguyen University of Technology, No. 666, 3/2 Street, Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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There have many researches with many order reduction algorithms to solve the problem of model order reduction. However, most of these proposed methods mainly applied to stable linear systems. In real applications, a lot of problems that require reducing model order are unstable linear systems. Therefore, algorithms for order reduction must be able for both stable and unstable linear systems. This paper introduces a balanced truncation algorithm based on continuous-discrete mapping applied to an unstable direct system, which is an extension of a balanced truncation algorithm used to a stable linear system. The illustrative examples have shown the order reduction efficiency of the algorithm.