The Parametric Stability of Elastic Columns Under Different Types of Dynamic Loadings

Abdullah Dhayea Assi†, Qasim M. Azpen†, Salman Hussien Omran‡


†Institute of Technology-Baghdad, Middle Technical University, Iraq- Baghdad.

‡Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research, Iraq- Baghdad.

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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This paper is concerned with the investigation of the parametric stability of simply of supported elastic columns subjected to different types of pulsating axial dynamic loadings. The governing equation of the problem is reduced to a time-domain function by applying Galerkin method instability. These regions of this system are determined using the procedure proposed by Boletin. The primary and secondary parameter instability regions of the system subjected to rectangular and triangular periodic forces. The results have been analyses and compared with the results that obtained for a sinusoidal periodic force. Further, with increasing the added value of the (μ2), the secondary instability zone expands and the lower border of the primary region shifts to the top and there were no tangible effects on the boundaries of the instability areas when adding (P6 cos6θt,P5 cos5θt ……. etc.) to the initial dynamic force (P0 + P1cosθt).