Study of the Physical Properties of Barium Titanate (BaTiO3) Nanopowder Doping with Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)


Ghadeer S. Jassim, Mojahid M. Najim, Wafaa Mahdi Salih


Material branch, applied science department, University of technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Materials engineering department, university of technology, Baghdad, Iraq.

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The homogeneous fine nano-powder of barium titanate (BaTiO3) was doped with silicon dioxide with different ratio (1, 1.5, 2, 2.5) wt % using the weight ratio. then sintering with different temperature (1000c -1300◦c) in temperature raising rate (8-9◦c / 1min) , and Study of the physical properties of the pure and doped mixture. It was observed that the addition of SiO2 on BaTiO3 influence on physical properties, water absorption ability decreases with the decrease in the apparent pores when temperature increase and that the volumetric shrinkage decrease with bulk density decreasing when the ratio of SiO2 content increased.