Experimental Study of The Effects of Vibration Induced By Water Flow in Spiral Pipe


Dhia A. Alazawi†, Marwa R. Mohammad†*, Abdulrahman Th. Mohammad‡


† Mechanical Engineering Department, Engineering collage, Diyala University- Diyala –Iraq
‡ Renewable Energy Department, Baqubah Technical Institute, Middle Technical University (MTU)-Baghdad- Iraq.

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This paper attempts to study the effect of induced vibration by water flow in a spiral pipe. The fluid-induced vibration caused by fluid temperature and mass flow rate has been studied experimentally. A copper tube with a 10 mm inner diameter and a length of 15 meters was used to make the spiral pipe. Water flow rates of 4 to 7 LPM and fluid temperatures of 45 to 65 oC were used in the experiments. The experimental result showed that, frequency and normal frequency of spiral pipe vibration were influenced by fluid temperature and mass flow rate. The frequency of vibrations has increased to its maximum value 2.989 Hz as the temperature rises to be 65 oC. This has been explained due to the higher kinetic energy of higher temperature flows.