Numerical Vibration Analysis of Aluminum 6061-T6 Sandwich Plates With An Auxetic Core


Dhia A. Alazawi†, Mazin Mahmood Yahya‡, Ali Jamal Khalid†


†Mechanical Engineering Dep., College of Engineering, University of Diyala.
‡ Bilad Alrafidain University College

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An investigation of vibration analysis of aluminium 6061-T6 sandwich plates with auxetic core for two cases of cantilever plate is presented in this work herein. In this paper, two position cases of load were applied to the sandwich plate. In the first case, the clamped-free sandwich plate had been subjected to tensile load of 100 KN whereas in the second case the bending load of 100 KN is applied to the free end of the sandwich plate. The results showed that in the first case, maximum natural frequency has been investigated in mode ten with value of (245.41 Hz) whereas the minimum natural frequency was in mode one with value of (21.455 Hz). Maximum deflection was in mode nine with a value of (109.82 cm) wherein the minimum deflection observed in mode one with a value of (58.99 cm).in case two, the value of the natural frequencies in the second case decreases by 9.8% in comparison to the natural frequency value of the first case because of the type of loading. Maximum deformations in the second case were observed to be increased by 25.7% as compared to deformation increment in the first case. This was depending on the mode shape and natural frequency that the sandwich plate will vibrate.