Dynamic Crack Propagation in Thin Plates Under Cycling Thermal Stresses Effect with Cycling Impact Loading

Bassam Ali Ahmed*, Fathi Abdulsahib Alshamma


Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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This paper presents the dynamic propagation method of crack growth in structures subject to cycling thermal stresses with cycling effect loading for two types of aluminum plate (7075, 6061) with aspect ratio (1, 2) and plate boundary condition (SFSF). Using numerical research and experimental study, crack lengths taken (3, 5) mm and crack angles (0o, 90o). Numerical analysis using program (ANSYS-18 APDL) based on finite element method, the purpose of numerical analysis to obtain displacements from mechanical and thermal stresses regarding time at crack tip in thin aluminum plate, then calculate dynamic crack propagation through displacements under effect of the mechanical stress and thermal stress. Practically, a rig was designed and produced to use a high-resolution camera connected to the device to apply cycling effect loading on the center cracked plates under varying temperature and measure the dynamic crack propagation. Results showed that the dynamic crack propagation increased as the crack duration increased, and also found that the dynamic crack propagation decreased as the aspect ratio of the plate increased.