The Preparation of Aluminium Foam Using Powder Technology for Industrial Applications

Murtadha Mohsen Mottar Al-Masoudy† , Luay Hashem Abbud†* , Hyder H. Balla‡


† Department of Air conditioning and Refrigeration Technical Engineering, Al – Mustaqbal University College, Babylon, Iraq.

‡Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Technical Institute of Najaf, Iraq.

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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In this study, the industrialization of aluminium foam (sponge) and the created aluminium powder as size 60 μm with the sodium chloride (NaCl), used four different volume fractions (10%,20%,30%, and 40%). So, this mixture compressed of different pressures (250 MPa,300 MPa, and 350 MPa) under high temperature at 600 C̊ up to aluminium melting. While the sodium chloride (NaCl) solving in hot water at 70 C̊ after integrated manufacturing of the metal foam (spongy) applying physical tests are microstructure and X-ray diffraction. The results diagram compared with standard diagram