Numerical Simulation of pent- roof combustion chamber in a SI Engine


Mahmoud. A. Mashkour† and Mustafa Hadi Ibraheem‡


† Mechanical Engineering Department/U.O. T

‡ Engineer in The Ministry of Transportation

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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In this paper, 3-dimensional Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) was applied to study the flow and combustion process, heat transfer and NOx emissions within the combustion chamber of spark ignition (SI) engine with respect to crank angles at various mixture strength (λ=0.8,1,1.2) at 2500 rpm engine speed. 3D single cylinder model was carried out using SolidWorks. The technique of fuel injected was used is port fuel injection (PFI). Three-dimensional transient continuity, momentum, turbulence energy, and combustion equations were simulated and solved in ANSYS ICE CODE V.15.0 utilizing finite volume method. Dynamic mesh was used for simulating pistons and valves moving. The simulation model covers the whole engine cycle consisting of compression, power, intake, and exhaust. The pressure, temperature, heat flux, heat transfer coefficient and NOx emissions were investigated with respect to crank angles for gasoline fuel. The results have a good agreement with other internationals publishers.