On Backstepping Control of an Uncertain Holonomic Constrained Manipulator


Phuong Nam Dao†, Hong Quang Nguyen‡,*, Duy Khanh Do†, Dinh Khue Nguyen†


† Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Hanoi, Vietnam

‡ Thai Nguyen University of Technology, 666, 3/2 Street, Tich Luong Ward, Thai Nguyen City, Vietnam

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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This paper focuses on the complement of an approach based on the backstepping technique combining the Moore-Penrose inverse to obtain the adaptive control scheme for uncertain constrained Holonomic manipulators with constraint in state variable. The Holonomic constraint description of manipulators is analyzed in connection with establishing the control law. In view of state constraint, the barrier Lyapunov Function (BLF) is employed to cope with state saturation. Moreover, the changing of system matrix in uncertain constrained Holonomic Manipulators is mentioned in proposed control design. By applying Lyapunov theory, it is guaranteed that stability performance of closed system as well as the tracking problem is asymptotic. Finally, several simulation results are given to verify the proposed control.