Noise effects in skill discretion and modeling

Ahmed Hameed Kaleel, Abdnoor Jameel Shaheed Al-hamadani, kareem jawad kadhim


Department of Aeronautical Engineering, University of Baghdad, Baghdad- Iraq.

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Diesel generators is widely used in Iraq for the purpose of maintaining electric power demand. Large number of operators engaged in this work encounters high level of noise generated by back pack type diesel generators used for this purpose. High level of noise exposure gives different kinds of ill effect on human operators. Exact nature of deteriorated work performance is not known., in present research , quastionaire was adsministered 86 repondents in Baghdad city were exposured to wide range of noise level (80-110) dB(A) with different ages and they have different skill discretion levels. Noise levels A-weigthed decibles dB(A) were measured over 8 weeks two times aday during the 2019 summer using a sound level meter.For predicting the work efficiency deterioration fuzzy tool has been used in present research. It has been established that a fuzzy computing system will help in identification and analysis of fuzzy models fuzzy system offers a convenient way of representing the relationships between the inputs and outputs of a system in the form of IF-THEN rules.The paper presents a fuzzy model for predicting the effects of noise pollution on operators performance as a function of noise level, skill discretion and age of the operators.