Ni/ Porcelanite-Alumina-Cow Bone, Coating to Protect Carbon Steel from Corrosion in seawater


Amel S Merzah, Heyam Razaq Atwan, Rana Afif Anaee†‡


Al Esraa University College, Baghdad – Iraq

Technical Engineering College- Baghdad – Iraq

†‡ Department of Materials Eng., University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: dr.rana_afif@yahoo.com; amelmerzah@gmail.com , dr.amal@esraa.edu.iq; heyamra80@gmail.com

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Porcelanite stone powder and Cow bone were prepared and mixed with nano-Alumina. Nano Alumina was used with particle size20-30nm. Ni deposition was achieved on carbon steel specimens. The electrochemical corrosion performance of obtained coating was analyzed using potentio dynamic polarization test at four temperatures (30, 40, 50 and 60oC) The Ni/porcelanites-Al2O3-bone coating gets a new phase, which formed between Ni and other materials in XRD analysis. The coating has the highest efficiency compared with other coatings especially at 30 C0. ã2.50% NCl.