Reduction of Dynamic Effects in Upper Drum Boiler Using Control and Monitoring System


Russul H. Mohammed*, Hashim A. Hussein, Ali H. Numan


Electromechanical Engineering Department, University of technology, Baghdad, Iraq

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected]

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Due to the disruption of the pressure in the upper drum, the mechanical and chemical effects in the boiler of steam power plants are a complex problem and hazardous. This work deals with an experimental investigation of the drum water level system in (Al-Quds power plant) in Baghdad / Iraq by increasing heat input and steam mass flow rate with ratio 10% and 20% to investigate the dynamic behavior of the system under a given operating condition. The mechanical effect problem is solved by regulating the steam mass flow rate pressure disturbance in the upper drum. The processor is used to control and monitoring the water level and steam mass flow rate in the upper drum. The mathematical equations of the boiler model are solved. The results gave decreasing in shrink and swell dynamics effects after using a water/steam level sensor at 58% of the drum volume. Also, the results approved that the drum level response with firing rate and steam load change is faster. Finally, the enhancement in decreasing the disturbance pressure is 15% by using a monitor and controls.