Effect of Central and Linear Holes on Thermal Behavior Based on Babylonian Clay


Basil N. Merzha, Suadad noori ghani, Faez Abid Muslim Abd Ali, Hazim Jassim Jaber, Ahmed A. Taher


† Engineering Technical College/Najaf, Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, 31001 Najaf, Iraq.

‡ Mechanical Dept., Engineering Faculty, University of Kufa

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This article examined the effect of central and longitudinal vents on the thermal behavior of the slurry compound Mineral analyzes of the used clays were performed to find the composition of the components for the clay. It was thermal characterization, In a hot cylinder fashion. The thermal transfer analysis, thermal resistance, energy saving and density fraction were extracted in a practical way. This study is important to know the effect of internal gaps on thermal conductivity during the manufacturing process, From the extracted girls, it was found that the central openings dissipate heat and reduce the conductivity, and it is less compared to the longitudinal openings.