A Method Uses Exact Feedback Linearization With State Derivative Feedback in Speed Control for The Induction Motor


Vo Thanh Ha†, Do Trung Hai‡,*, Nguyen Hong Quang‡,*


† University of Transport and Communications, VietNam
‡ Thai Nguyen University of Technology, Vietnam

Corresponding Author Email: [email protected], [email protected]

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This paper presents a novel nonlinear speed control method for the induction motor utilizing a combined exact feedback linearization and state-derivative feedback algorithm. The control scheme is derived in the rotor field coordinates and employs an appropriate estimator for the estimation of the rotor flux angle, flux magnitude, and their derivatives. This nonlinear control strategy resolves the dependency problem of the model parameter deviation and measurement errors. However, in this control strategy, the speed, and flux controller are not sensitive to the IM parameters when it is changed during long-term operation or inaccuracies determined. In addition, these controllers also independent of the load torque, the moment of inertia, and coefficients of the mechanical structure. Therefore, the speed and flux responses are fast and accurate as required. As a result, the quality of the drive system is improved. Simulation results validate the theoretical part of the paper and reveal the high performance and advantages of the novel control scheme.